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We charge by three basis -

1. By Size – Initial first inch cost is Rs.1000 & Rs.1500, additional Per inch cost is Rs. 500 ( black’n'grey) & Coloured (Rs. 2000 Followed by Rs.600 Per inch running cost). Suitable for small to medium sized tattoos.(For getting a coloured tattoo, personal meeting with client is necessary, so that we could check the skin colour factor).

2. By Hour – Per hour cost is Rs. 6000 . Suitable for Medium to large sized tattoos.

3. By Piece & Design / Deal Tattoos (Big Pieces) – Factors affecting price are – design, amount of detail, size, colour, time, placement, Workmanship Skills involved etc.

Note -

Some tattoos may require minimum of two sittings or sessions.
Coverups may require 4-5 times bigger design so as to fully cover the old tattoo or scar. (Depends upon variable factors)

Discounts are always possible depending upon the design and size.

We prefer fixing the price prior starting the session as soon as the design is decided.
After tattoo is made price wont be negotiated.

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For better discussion and studio visit, kindly keep the answer for the following questions prepared.

1. What would you like me to tattoo on you (Tattoo Category)? Do not copy your neighbors tattoo as we understand you also like his wife...but its purely his wish....choose your tattoo wisely and do not copy other tattoos.

2. Where on your body do you want your tattoo? (please specify left or right, inside or outside, when referring to arms, forearms, legs, feet, ribs etc.)....Dont worry about the pain factor...we are highly professionals to make you scream. (JOKE). Pain factor varies from location to location on body.

3. What size do you want the tattoo? How big should be your tattoo..The bigger the tattoo, it would be more cost effective.

4. Do you want color or black and grey? Your skin is a canvas....darker the canvas, it would be difficult for color to show up after healing of your tattoo.

5. If you have a budget you are working with, please let us know. we can work for you in your budget. After all money saved is money earned. A pizza you can buy extra and share with us..

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